White Oak Plantation has turned many a hunter's dream of taking a trophy buck into a real-life memory. But we don't just fulfill hunters' dreams! Scroll through this page and see some other "dreams to memories" that have happened at White Oak Plantation!


Dreams of Finding The Perfect Destination for Your Once In a Lifetime Wedding

Weddings Dreams at White Oak


Wedding Dreams at White Oak

Dreams of a Ladies Only Bow Hunt
(They said it couldn't be done!)
The Bows and Does

D & B Group Shot Bows and Does  Bows and Does 


Dreams of Wraparound Porches for Kicking Back

Relaxing Wraparound Porches


Dreams of Strolling the Beautiful Gardens and Reuniting with Nature

Stroll the Gardens


Dreams of Being Close to Dozens of Feeding Hummingbirds


Beautiful Hummers  Beautiful Hummers  Beautiful Hummers 


Dreams of Renewing Family Relationships

Renewing Family Relationships


Dreams of a Quiet Corporate Meeting Site with No Distractions

Corporate Getaway


And Finally, At the End of the Day, Quiet, Well-Appointed Bedrooms for Starting your Next White Oak Dream!

Quiet, Well-Appointed Bedrooms