Special Announcement

White Oak Plantation has been sold and we will no longer be hosting any hunts, weddings, retreats, etc.  We're just going to relax and enjoy our new "neck of the woods".  If you would like our new address and phone number, please get in touch here and we can get you that information. Thanks so much for checking on us! --Robert & Hilda Pitman

2019 Harvest Photos

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Sawyer Rosenberry
Sawyer Rosenberry Sawyer Rosenberry
Gary Rosenberry
Gary Rosenberry Gary Rosenberry
Marsha Washburn
Marsha Washburn Marsha Washburn 1st deer With guide Caid Pitman Sister Inga and brother Roy
Steve Cox
Steve Cox Steve Cox
Randy Lilley
Randy Lilley Randy Lilley
Bijan Behzad
Bijan Behzad Bijan Behzad with wife